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Bush Hogging

Gravel Driveway Repair

Grading Work

We do what no one else does, and We go where no one else can.

We remove the headaches of maintaining your land.

We’ve got you covered

Bush Hogging and Brush Clearing

Overgrown? We’ve got you. All terrain. All sizes

Pastures, Yards, Acreage, Hunting trails.

We even handle the hard stuff…

Do you have any of these on your land?


Road-sides, Dams, Hills
We go 2x steeper than tractors & lawn mowers. Up to 30-degree slopes in any direction. Low center of gravity, wide stance, all-wheel drive.


Low-lying, Marshy, Pond/creek beds & banks, Springs, Dams
We don’t make ruts or get stuck. We’re light. All-wheel drive.


Treed areas. Fence corners.
We get in, around and through.


We don’t tip!
Articulated and oscillating tractor keeps all 8 tires in constant contract with the ground. Low center of gravity. Wide stance.


Across creeks, through woods. We can get to it.
We crawl over to it with awesome traction, low center of gravity and all-wheel drive.

Gravel Driveway Repair/Rehab

We make it like new. Stop the madness and pain.

Residential and Commercial
Driveways, lanes, parking lots.

Goodbye potholes, ruts, washouts. No new gravel.
Stop waiting. We’ll get it done yesterday.

With our special equipment, we grind down the structure of potholes to eliminate them completely (prevents gravel from splashing out again, de-compact all, then re-level.

No new gravel – Usually each site has enough there, it has just been compacted and spread out.  We cure both situations easily with our special equipment.

Grading Repair & Site Prep for seeding

Grading repair – Redirect water. Smooth out rough spots. Flatten slopes.

We let you enjoy and use your land like you deserve to.

We grind down long mounds left from back-fill of trenches (installation of utilities)

Smooth transitions into pastures.

Stop water intrusion, protect your home, garage, barn, shop, office, investment.

Get rid of unsafe and ugly…humps, slopes, rough spots and ruts in your lawn, yard, pasture, acreage.

Stop putting it off.  Big Moe is the answer.

Site Prep for Seeding

Remove all debris with landscape rake. With Harley rake, break down irregularities (clods, piles, mounds), then re-level soil and finally smooth for seeding.

Watch Big Moe Work

Superior Cut-Quality.
We do things differently, and it shows.

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Serving: Anderson • Bourbon • Boyle • Clark • Fayette • Franklin • Garrard • Jessamine • Madison • Mercer • Montgomery • Scott • Woodford

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