Did you know that there are 513,305 landscaping businesses across the United States? That means there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing which land management company you want to work with.

But what about people who have tricky or difficult land that makes lawn mowing and brush clearing seem impossible? This is where specialty land management services enter the picture.

Specialty land management services can help you clear difficult tracts of land, provide the best lawn mowing service, or even handle steep slopes and wetlands that a traditional lawn mowing company can’t.

Keep reading and you’ll learn all about the services that a specialty land management company can provide, and why they may be a perfect fit for your yard.

What Is Specialty Land Management?

Specialty land management is similar to other lawn mowing services near you, except that they have equipment that allows them to access parts of your property that the other companies can’t get to.

Under most circumstances, they work with traditional lawn mowing services, but there are other services that they provide. Their equipment differs as well.

Specialty land management companies are a great alternative to doing this work yourself or paying someone else that isn’t qualified to handle it, only for them to only handle part of your property.

What Can Specialty Land Management Companies Do?

Having areas of your yard or property that you can’t maintain or mow is a frustrating experience. Steep slopes in your property are a common difficult area for a traditional lawn mowing company to handle.

A specialty land management company can handle slopes that are twice as steep as a normal company can. This means that they can mow areas of your yard that are up to 30 degrees in grade, turning that unused hill into a valuable area of your property again.

Some common areas with a slope to that degree are roadsides, creek banks, and hills. If you have any of these on your property then a specialty land management company may be a good choice for you.

Another tough area that specialty land management companies can manage for you is wet areas that are found around creeks, ponds, and basins. Traditional lawn mowing services near you struggle and get stuck in areas like this.

Narrow areas of your property can also be difficult to navigate, especially with large landscaping equipment. Specialty land management companies can handle getting into and around all of these difficult areas, making your yard look perfect.

Do you have any areas of your hard that are hard on the eyes? Specialty land management services can handle those for you. They have expertise in how to clear that land without damaging it so that you can employ it how you desire.

They also help with land reclamation. Don’t you hate it when overgrowth and weeds start taking over parts of your property? And the more time goes by, the worse it gets to reclaim that land.

A specialty land management company can help clear that land for you so that you can access it and use it again. This is especially helpful for people who want that land for agricultural purposes or gardening purposes.

Benefits of Land Management

Time Saved

Hiring a land management company near you can save you time that you can spend elsewhere. Instead of spending Sunday morning mowing hard-to-reach patches of grass, you can sleep in or relax and enjoy a day off.

It can also allow you to spend that time with family or loved ones, or for going on a day trip to the lake or the mountains. Having that extra time can go a long way for your health and your relationships with the people that matter most.

Improved Aesthetics

While some people love working on their lawn, and even do a great job with it, a professional land management company will make your yard look better than you ever thought possible.

This can actually raise the value of your home, too. A well-landscaped home is worth up to 12% more than a home with no landscaping. It not only makes your property look nicer but also makes it worth more to potential buyers.

Money Savings

It might seem illogical, but pairing a lawn mowing service with specialty land management can save you money in the long run. First of all, you won’t need to spend any money on mowing or landscaping equipment since the company will have its own.

Hiring a land management company can also save you money because you won’t need to pay for gas or for maintenance of the equipment. If something breaks, you aren’t out of that money.

The cost of hiring a lawn mowing service is a great investment if you have a large yard and don’t want the expenses of the equipment or gas to power it.

Zero Liability

Everyone desires peace of mind in life. Why can’t that apply to your lawn companies, too? By hiring a lawn and land management company, you rid yourself of any responsibility or liability for anything that goes wrong or any on-the-job injuries that workers may have.

The workers will have insurance through the land management company, so if something were to go wrong they would still be covered. Best of all, you don’t have to risk injury to yourself while trying to do your own landscaping.

Are You Ready for the Benefits of a Specialty Land Management Service?

Specialty land management can give you back your weekends and let you focus your time on your family and the things that you enjoy. It can also make your property look nicer and gain value.

Best of all, a specialty land management company can maintain parts of your yard that you never thought possible, no matter the obstacles that they face.

For all of your specialty land management and lawn mowing needs in the Lexington, Kentucky area, click here and get a quote today. Turn your yard into something special.